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oxygens modular recliner clinic
Oxygens modular recliner hard shell

Recliner Hyperbaric Therapy chamber

Introducing the Oxygens Recliner Hyperbaric Therapy Chamber – the ultimate solution for anyone seeking a comfortable and effective hyperbaric oxygen therapy experience. Whether you’re looking to purchase or hire, this non-medical device is packed with features that cater to your every need.

Chamber TouchScreen
LCD Internal Display

Chamber Control Panel

Available to Hire, Purchase or Rent-To-Buy Scheme

Monthly Hire of £2149* (with a minimum of 3 months hire)
Purchase Price from £31,995.00** Initial Special Offer From July 2024

Price includes Delivery and Setup – UK Mainland

Special Packages for hires also available for clinics.
Finance Packages also available from £115 per week.

*Subject to availability
** All prices are excluding VAT

UK HBOT Chamber Supplier

Lifetime Support & Technical Assistance

5 Year Chamber & 3 Year Electrical Warranty

Benefits of the Oxygens Recliner Chamber

With its spacious design, automatic pressure control system, and built-in monitor, you can recline in comfort and enjoy the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The Oxygens Recliner Hyperbaric Therapy Chamber is also equipped with an automatic disinfection and deodorization system, internal and external two-way communications, and an oxygen concentrator that delivers up to 93% oxygen.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing, or simply seeking a relaxing experience, the Oxygens Recliner Hyperbaric Therapy Chamber is the perfect choice for you.

The Perfect Combination

Oxygens Recliner Hyperbaric Therapy Chamber offers ample space for you to recline in the built-in multi-angled chair and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of up to 2.0 ATA operating pressure with the benefit of the view from its two large, transparent viewing windows.

The chamber is equipped with an automatic air pressure control system, which maintains a constant pressure inside the chamber, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

The internal and external control systems allow for self-use and convenient operation. Plus, the internal and external two-way communications system ensures you can communicate with others outside the chamber.

The automatic disinfection and deodorisation system ensures that the chamber remains clean and hygienic, while the internal light with warm and white selection option allows you to set the ambiance to your liking.

The Oxygens Recliner Hyperbaric Therapy Chamber also comes equipped with an ultra-quiet continuous pressure valve, ensuring minimal noise during operation.

Additionally, the chamber comes with an all-in-one chiller air cooler, compressor, and oxygen concentrator that delivers up to 93% oxygen,  making it a truly versatile and convenient device.

The USB charging port is a convenient feature for those who need to keep their devices charged while undergoing therapy.

Other Chamber Features

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