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Thrilled to announce our sponsorship of Osama Mohamed, England's amateur boxing National Champ! πŸ₯ŠπŸ†βœ¨ He's a multi-time international champ, British champ, and European medalist. 🌍πŸ₯‡

He has represented his country multiple times as an international champion, making us even more excited to suppor thim on his quest for greatness!

Demonstrating his dominance of the ring and his unwavering dedication to his craft he has achieved the prestigious title of British Champion.

Stay tuned for more updates!

I recently had surgery to repair an old fracture in my foot and have been using the hyperbaric chamber religiously for the past three months. At my 3-month check-up with the surgeon, he was extremely pleased with the outcome of the surgery, particularly the bone healing. I credit the hyperbaric chamber with my successful recovery from surgery. I've noticed a significant increase in my sleep quality, overall wellness, and recovery time. I love the chamber and will continue to use it to help aid training to qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

Niamh Emerson

I thoroughly enjoyed the Hyperbaric Oxygen Practitioner course by Oxygens, it was very insightful for me. It was very insightful regarding the biological and physiological processes that occur when using the hyperbaric chamber. There is essential information here for anyone who seeks to become a practitioner of hyperbaric chambers, as it covers topics relating to how to safely determine whether or not a client is eligible to use the chamber. I found that the interactive tests throughout the course helped solidify the material in my long-term memory. I would strongly suggest this course for anyone seeking to expand their career into the fields of biohacking, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and wellness.

I have had my Oxygens Chamber for a couple of months now and it is excellent. The service from Oxygens has been brilliant. We will be purchasing ours.

I can recuperate much more quickly and unwind in a hyperbaric atmosphere. My daily routine wouldn't be complete without spending some time in my chamber.

Super impressed with the results from the chamber. Helps me to relax and after just a month I'm feeling I have more energy and am much more attentive.

I really enjoyed using the soft-shell lie down hyperbaric oxygen chamber throughout the rental period as I exercise a lot due to my career being in the fitness industry so it really helped me recover much quicker from intense bouts of weight training and cardiovascular training. I definitely felt a boost in my mood and energy levels after using it. Can't wait to rent it again. - Lie Down Chamber - up to 1.4ATA

Very helpful staff taking time and care to make sure my autistic son is comfortable with myself and him in the chamber. Highly recommend.

Multiple sessions in the chambers I purchased have been very helpful with regards to my Crohns disease.

Very pleased with the results, helped me to heal from my wound much quicker.

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