HBOT for blood flow circulation and ageing skin

Hbot (hyperbaric therapy) and Anti-Aging Studies.

Anti Aging Studies and Hyperbaric Therapy

Studies have suggested that HBOT may have positive effects on certain aspects of aging. For example, a study published in the journal Aging and Disease in 2019 investigated the effects of HBOT on aging-related cognitive decline. The researchers found that HBOT sessions improved cognitive function and increased cerebral blood flow in older adults.

Another study published in the journal Aging in 2020 explored the potential anti-aging effects of HBOT on human cells. The researchers observed that HBOT treatment led to changes in gene expression associated with aging, cellular senescence, and inflammation, suggesting a potential rejuvenating effect at the cellular level.


If you’re interested in staying up to date with the latest research on HBOT and anti-aging, I would recommend checking scientific databases like PubMed for recent clinical trials and studies in the field. These resources can provide you with the most current and comprehensive information on ongoing research in anti-aging therapies, including the potential role of HBOT.



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