Celebrities Hyperbaric Chamber - Footballer Neymar Jr post on using inflatable hyperbaric therapy chamber whilst recovering from injury

Footballer Neymar Jr. Uses Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber For Injury Recovery

In a recent update that left his massive following of over 200 million fans concerned, renowned athlete Neymar Jr. (30) recently shared a photo featuring him undergoing a unique oxygen therapy treatment in an inflatable hyperbaric chamber. 

The football star is currently recuperating from a foot injury and has turned to this innovative procedure to aid his recovery.

The snapshot, shared via his official social media account’s stories, captures Neymar lying inside the capsule-like chamber. He can be seen wearing a mask that supplies him with oxygen whilst in the chamber.

Despite the circumstances, Neymar, who recently delighted his fans with news of expecting his second child with influencer Bruna Biancardi, decided to inject some humour into the situation. 

In the photo’s caption, he wrote, “Continues,” while also flashing a ‘hangloose’ hand gesture, reassuring everyone that he is well and fully focused on his recovery.

Neymar’s usage of the hyperbaric chamber is a testament to its growing popularity among athletes as a means of healing injuries. 

Pulmonologist Arthur Feltrin explains that the chamber administers 100% oxygen flow, which provides numerous health benefits when compared to breathing regular atmospheric air, which only contains 21% oxygen. The treatment’s efficacy has made it a popular choice for athletes seeking expedited recovery.

This is reportedly not the first time that Neymar has used hyperbaric chamber treatment to recover from injuries. In 2021 he underwent double oxygen sessions in order to get back fit for a Barcelona clash.

Interestingly, Neymar isn’t the only celebrity investing in a hyperbaric therapy chambers. Other sports stars such as Marcus Rashford and Novak Djokovic have also reportedly used hyperbaric oxygen therapy as part of their recovery process.

Image Courtesy Playback/Instagram

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